In your area of expertise you also have the option of choosing what you want to focus on.

An Big History Directory: An Introduction. History (MA) URL: In Leiden University, we have one of the most renowned centers for studying European and non-European historical events. Spier F. 1996. The Master’s degree in History gives you the chance to gain access to this world-class knowledge. The Architecture of Big History: From the Big Bang until Today . Specialisations.

Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press. Ancient History (MA) Cities, Migration and Global Interdependence (MA) Colonial and Global History (MA) Europaeum Programme European History and Civilisation (MA) Europe 1000-1800 (MA) Politics, Culture and National Identities from 1789 until the present (MA) Spier F. 2010. You might find it interesting to. Big History and the Future of Humanity . Global order in historical perspective.

Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell. Management of Migration as well as Diversity. Wilson E. Economic History. O. 1998. Postcolonial and Heritage Studies. Confidentiality: the Unity of Knowledge . Maritime History. London: Abacus.

Apply today. 1. A highly rated program. I have elaborated this argument more thoroughly In The Return of Universal History (Christian 2010). In the QS World University Rankings 2022, History at Leiden University is ranked 1st within continental Europe and 16th overall in the world. 2. What is the reason to study History in Leiden University? See ‘A Short History of Big History’ in Fred Spier’s Big History and the Future of Humanity (2010).

With such a wide curriculum With such a broad curriculum, the History master’s program gives you the opportunity to specialize in specific areas that aren’t offered elsewhere. 3] He published his work in 2010, he has published an extended version of the study with the title Big History and the Future of Humanity (Spier 2010: 9-16). Flexible format lets you tailor your education to meet your goals in the workplace. To assist you in developing an area of expertise that is cohesive The program offers seven specialisations, each with its specific thematic areas. What are the advantages from understanding different cultures?

In your area of expertise you also have the option of choosing what you want to focus on. The world today is rapidly evolving into one big village, with many nations benefiting from a multi-cultural world . Additionally, we offer our Global Order in Historical Perspective specialization (as an element of our MA International Relations). Being aware of different cultures isn’t only important, but can also foster a harmonious interaction. The most renowned scholars and an individual method.

As we discover more about different cultural backgrounds, we should remember that we all are individuals. In Leiden University, you learn from the best researchers in the discipline. Instead of generalizing, consider one another like an individual. We have a faculty with specialized chair in nearly every aspect that is European and non-European historical studies and cover every period from Classical Antiquity to the present. By doing this, you will help to creating a healthier community in which everyone can prosper. The small-sized classes and the intensive guidance will ensure that you get the most benefit from their knowledge both inside and out in the class. The article below we’ll look at culture and find out how understanding the different cultures of various groups is crucial . Applications and Admission.

Read and study. Are you interested in finding whether you’re qualified for this master’s program? Table of Contents. Global and an approach that is comparative. The best way to enjoy the benefits of various cultures engaging in an authentic way at multi-cultural gatherings or camps. The master’s programs in all subjects in History are characterized by an international focus. Find out more information about Les Elfes international summer or winter camps.

Whatever your area of study you’ll gain an extensive, global dimension to your knowledge , and link it to current world events. What is the concept of Culture? oil This method of learning isn’t just unique to this program, but also gives you a greater knowledge and a capacity for critical thinking, both of which are highly sought-after by employers of today. It is all that defines an individual community of individuals . What sector of the economy do students get jobs?

The group could be the family unit or religious group or even people from another town, neighborhood or even a country . 22 Government and semi-government organizations 14. They could also be those with a common lifestyle, ethnic background, or workplace or work . Education 12. It is commonly used to refer to the traits displayed through language, history foods, art as well as family values, geography, and even beliefs.

Research 8 . There are many different culture, including family culture, religion and age group culture as well as work-related culture. Information Management 6 IT Five Financial Institutions 5 Marketing and communication 5 Recreation, culture, and sports 4. When all of these cultural traditions are combined they give each person their own distinct style of living. Business Services 3 Health and welfare 16 Other.

There are a variety of ways adults and children alike are able to learn about the different culture as we be taught. The graph above is based upon alumni information taken from MA History 2016-2020. What can you learn from interacting in Diverse Groups ? History degree. Interacting with people from different culture allows you to understand the struggles they face and their customs as a collective. The History program in Leiden University is an accredited degree program.

Furthermore, you will have the an opportunity to question the assumptions you’ve made about your beliefs and your everyday life . If you successfully complete this program, you’ll be awarded a legally recognized Master’s Degree with a major in History as well as the designation Master of Arts (MA). The knowledge gained from this experience can lead to personal growth and allows you to gain more about your own life and culture.

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